Denecke PS-1A Microphone Power Supply



The Dcode PS-1A is a low noise, Phantom 48 volt microphone power supply. The PS-1A works with one 9 volt battery and has enough power to run high current microphones. The small size, light-weight, rugged construction and very low noise make the PS-1A a natural for powering microphones feeding DAT machines, radio mics, tape machines, and mixing panels. Long battery life and a bright LED low battery indicator ensure that the microphone is properly powered during your recording session.


* Low noise well regulated electronics and precision resistors are used to satisfy the most demanding Digital requirements.
* External power jack for studio use.
* LED blinks at turn on and turn off.
* Low battery indicated by a steady glow of the LED.
* Simple drop in compartment for quick change of batteries.
* Reverse battery to turn off (no drain).
* Internal -15 dB pad switch.


* Size: 1.25 x 3.0 x 4.0 in.
* Weight: 8.0 oz.
* Uses one standard 9 volt alkaline battery.
* External Voltage from 6.8 to 18 volts.
* Current from 3mA to 142 mA depending on the mic.
* Battery life (depending on mic load) from 8 to 76 hours.
* Voltage is 48 volts ±3 volts.
* Current to 14 mA (direct short).
* Noise floor is under .01 mV AC.
* The LED lights at regulator drop out.

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