Bubblebee Industries The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor

Style: Mono
Color: Clear
Ear: Left


This product has been discontinued, however it is still available while supplies last. Check out the new version, The Sidekick 2.

The Bubblebee Sidekick In-Ear Monitor is a virtually invisible comms earpiece designed to be the ultimate IFB earpiece for both comfort and intelligibility.

It features the world’s first micro-speaker solution for wireless receivers where the entire driver fits comfortably in the ear for practically invisible, crystal-clear cues, even in noisy environments.


The Sidekick driver unit is so small that it is not visible when worn in the ear. It fits inside the ear canal. The cable loop takes the cable behind the ear, so it is also hidden from sight, making The Sidekick virtually invisible when worn.
The "Satellite" ear tip allows you to hear your surroundings like normal while having crystal-clear cues and comms.
With kevlar-reinforced cables, The Sidekick is not only lightweight but made to last. The ear tips are easy to clean and the driver's filter is easily replaceable.
The high-quality driver ensures that speech is heard with crystal-clear fidelity in all environments.
The Sidekick's Kevlar-reinforced cable can be disconnected and swapped for brown or clear, curly or straight cables, available as accessories.


1 x The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor(either Mono L, Mono R, or Stereo variant)
1 x Protective carry case
1 x The Satellite ear tip (S), for full background noise
1 x The Cowbell ear tip (M), for medium background noise
1 x The Christmas Tree ear tip (M), for low background noise
1 x The Hippo clothing clip
2 x The Filter replacement tool

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