Stingray by K-Tek KSH2 - Audio Sunhat



Shipping starting in July 2022

K-Tek introduces the first Stingray hat especially designed for sound recordists working outdoors. The new Stingray SunHat not only provides heat and sun protection but is a perfect fit with over-the-ear headphones.

The simple and ingenious design features an ample opening over each temple with magnetic snaps, so users can wear the hat, put headphones on, slip the earphones through the openings, and close the magnetic snaps of the brim.

The Stingray SunHat is constructed of a special black-colored, lightweight fabric that is categorized as UPF50, which meets standards set by ASTM International, a global standards organization. This material blocks 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The half brim offers shade in the front and a built-in neck cover offers more protection. Various cooling vents maximize comfort. The one-size-fits-all design incorporates an adjustable elastic sizing band. The integrated chin strap ensures the hat stays in place, even during a windy day on location.

Although the Stingray Audio SunHat was designed for professional Sound recordists on location, there are other practical applications as well. This unique design allows for over-the-head hearing protection, earmuffs or any ear muff style on-the-ear or over-the-ear headphones.

The K-Tek Stingray SunHat is machine washable without losing its UV protection.

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