PSC SOLICE Solice 8 Channel Audio Mixer



The Solice from PSC is a portable audio mixer that was designed to provide extensive signal routing and flexible mixing capabilities for field work in film and video production.

It provides optimum audio performance, a wealth of output busses and headphone mixes, and a very power efficient battery operability at a much lighter weight than digital mixing consoles.

There are many benefits to using a purpose-built analog mixing panel like the Solice, especially with the unique and unusual demands made on equipment in the field in film and video field production.

With its 8 inputs, the Solice will cover you on a film set where you have numerous wireless microphones in use, multiple boompole operators roving around, and more audio feeds coming from more sources.

With its 8 outputs, you can select and route individual mixes of that audio to several recording devices, multiple video cameras, communication devices, and give a feed to the "video village" (an area dedicated to reviewing footage being shot).

The Solice features two dedicated boompole operator headphone outputs, and a dedicated "Director" headphone output. A "private line" function enables you to privately communicate with your boom-ops with the built-in talkback microphone, without sending your chatter to the director's headphone mix of the production audio.

Panel mixers like the PSC Solice are most often used on audio carts, like the PSC SC-4. While there are other run-of-the-mill mixers that can be adapted to perform some of the functions of the Solice, none of them can do so at such a lightweight and small footprint. Power consumption is another factor to consider.

Digital mixers demand up to three times as much voltage as the Solice, and their intended use as AC devices also require that you cart around bulky inverters everywhere you go. Its audio performance is of the highest quality possible in this kind of equipment.

The Penny & Giles faders and all its other parts and components are the best quality available. In an industry where you work side by side with visually focused professionals, the Solice is easy on the eyes with its powder-coated royal blue aluminum side panels, illuminated buttons, and an army of daylight viewable LED meters.

  • Super quiet pre-amps with fully variable gain and precise limiters
  • Infinitely variable high pass filters
  • 8 input channels with mic power, parametric EQ, pre-fade listens
  • All channel assignments can be assigned pre-fader or post fader
  • Individual line outputs on every input channel, pre or post fader assignable
  • Individual channel meters for both pre and post fader signal levels
  • 8 mix busses for extreme versatility
  • 8 balanced outputs on full size XLR's and also on a multi-pin
  • Sunlight readable LED PPM metering on all 8 outputs
  • Slate microphone
  • Remote roll
  • Private Line - provides one way communication to 2 boom operators
  • Comm - provides full duplex communication to 2 boom operators
  • Speaker output follows mixer headphone selection for playback jobs
  • Balanced outputs available on a multi-Pin connector
  • Operates from external 10 to 18 VDC
  • Built using only the finest components including, P&G faders, NKK sealed switches, Neutrik connectors
  • Housing formed from 0.100" (2.5 mm) laser cut aircraft aluminum
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and a stereo submix on outputs 1 & 2 for dailies
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and four stereo mixes to feed four video cameras
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and Two 4 Track mixes to feed two RED cameras
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track, one stereo sub mix for dailies and stereo mixes for up to 3 cameras
  • The main XLR balanced outputs are repeated on a multi-pin connector for your convenience

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