Ambient QP SLIM 4-Section Premium Boom Poles

Size: Long


New from Ambient, the QP SLIM is their new iteration of a premium carbon fiber 4-section boom. Now it has a slimmer, more comfortable base. The whole package creates a boom pole that is comparatively lighter with an emphasis on ease of use.

The features (compared to the regular QP5 series):

  • Thinner Diameter (30mm bottom section instead of 34mm)
  • Lighter (one segment less)
  • Improved Locks (a quarter turn now completely prevents lateral twisting)
  • All Black Tip, 3/8"
  • Internal wiring? A solution for straight internal cabling will also be available for the QP Slim in the near future


  • Long -  Extends from 5.08 feet to 16.9 feet, weight: 835g
  • Short -  Extends from 3.2 feet to 10.8 feet, weight: 550g


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