Hide-A-Mic Re:pose Acoustic Noise Reducer

Version: White 13 for rigs under 0.6 kg


Hide-A-Mic has released the new Re:pose Noise Reducer attachments for boompoles and shock mounts. These are thoughtfully designed to diminish low frequency rumble when booming or mounting a microphone. The items are especially handy when recording in trains or cars as to reduce rumble sounds from vehicles.

Make Your Boom Less Boomy

The Hide-a-mic Re:pose creates an acoustic barrier and reduces the amount of low frequencies traveling from your microphone stand, boom or car rig to your microphone suspension. Hide-a-mic Re:pose helps to make your recordings quieter and with less than 50 grams (1.7 oz) hardly any weight is added to your microphone rig. 

You can add Re:pose to your boom rig minimizing handling noise, use it in a car rig to remove low rumble, on stage and for plant mics in general. Re:pose can be used in any direction you desire.

Re:pose is made with the lightest aircraft grade aluminum and uses silicone with the best acoustical properties. 

Available Versions:

  • White 13 for rigs under 0.6 kg
  • Yellow 24 for rigs under 1 kg
  • Red 33 for rigs heavier than 1 kg 

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