Stingray by K-Tek KSTGKP Kickstand Purple



This purple Stingray Kickstand is used to attach to K-Tek’s Stingray Mixer Bags to be able to lean the bag back reliable and securely when using the bag on a table top, counter or similar.

The Kickstand attaches via Velcro to the rear top of the bag (right by the extendable rear handle) and can securely support the weight of a fully loaded mixer bag when leaning the bag. This allows for easier access to the mixer’s user interface and makes monitoring comfortable and convenient when working off a solid surface.

The KSTGKP – Stingray Kickstand Purple is compatible with these Stingray Mixer Bags by K-Tek:

- Replacement part for Stingray X-Series Mixer bags: Small (KSTGSX / KSTGSXP) & Large (KSTGXL / KSTGXLP)

- Compatible with 2nd generation (orange) Stingray Mixer Bags: Small (KSTGS), Medium (KSTGM), and Large (KSTGL)

- Compatible with 1nd generation (blue) Stingray Mixer Bags: Small (KSRA1), and Large (KSRA2)

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