Wisycom MTP60 Wireless Transmitter



New from Symphony by Wisycom, the MTP60 is a pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications. Its sleek, ergonomic design features round edges for comfort in film, TV, and theater applications. The MTP60 can be powered with 2 x AA batteries (Alkaline, NiMh, Lithium) or a MPRLBP lithium battery (5.55 Wh).


  • Multi-Band RF (470MHz - 1160MHz)
  • Bluetooth 5 Long Range (Control)
  • Linear (Intermodulation Distortion Elimination)
  • Selectable Bandwidth (Flexibility in RF Environments)
  • Ultrasonic Protection 

Multi-Band RF

The multi-band MTP60 currently has the widest tuning range of any wireless transmitter on the market offering a massive range of frequencies to choose from.

Bluetooth 5 Long Range

Monitor & control with Bluetooth via Wisycom Manager software or mobile device apps to adjust parameters in real time

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