Wisycom MTP61 Miniature Bodypack Transmitter



The Wisycom MTP61 is a miniature pocket transmitter ideal for location sound, theater and all situations where the smallest size is mandatory


  • The multi-band MTP61 currently has the widest tuning range of any wireless transmitter on the market (470 to 1260 MHz)
  • Monitor & control with Bluetooth via Wisycom BT App to adjust parameters in real time
  • The Bluetooth interface and mobile app allows full control from mobile or tablet
  • Advanced linear technology eliminates intermodulation distortion for more robust signal, extended range, and the ability to operate multiple transmitters in close proximity to each other without needing an intermod frequency plan
  • Embedded recorder to record directly on the internal 64 GB micro SD card and integrated Linear Time Code decoding
  • DSP based signal processing allows easy switching between wide and narrow band operation
  • ENS compander for a totally clear sound
  • Powering with Lithium-ion battery LBP61
  • Integrated low-pass audio filter eliminates ultrasonic interference from devices such as focus pullers
  • Front panel buttons to quickly enter menu thanks to its multiple shortcut combinations

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