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About Us

Sound Hard is a team of audio heads dedicated to providing the latest gear and support to sound engineers working in film, video, or other visual media production. We offer rentals, sales, and service for all things audio. Our products are built by industry-standard brands and designed for the unpredictable nature of filmmaking. We offer custom cables for any application, and are determined to make sure the sound department on any set is ready to roll when it’s time to go.
Owned and operated by Lukas Leroy Gonzales and Justin Hammill Ditch since 2017.
Our Team:












Justin Ditch - co-Owner - CFO

Justin was born and raised in Acadiana, and comes from a family of dancers, musicians, and painters. After attending The Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences, Justin worked in various music studios with aspirations for creating music for film and television. Justin’s missing years were found not in a carpenter’s workshop, but a rugged welding operation, building marsh buggies for the at-the-time prominent Petroleum Industry in Lafayette, LA. Beginning the turn of his career, Justin attended UNO and received a BFA in Film, Theatre, and Communications before venturing into the world of production sound mixing. Justin has worked on, and continues to work and consult on, a number of diverse productions. From narrative films, TV shows and documentaries, to corporate videos, sports,  commercials and virtual reality projects, Justin has experience in all of it, making him well-versed in all aspects of production sound. In March of 2017 he partnered with Lukas Gonzales and Murray Ditch to establish Sound Hard, with the goal of fulfilling the needs of a growing film and entertainment industry on the Gulf Coast.

Lukas Gonzales - co-Owner - CTO

Raised in Denver, CO, Lukas cut his teeth in Sound teaching music. His interests in recorded audio began when his brother brought home the first Smash Mouth record on Compact Disc, and after abandoning the career path of a touring musician, he started instructing students how to make noises that were compatible with other people’s taste in noises. After being deported from Sydney Australia in 2014, he claimed residency in New Orleans and put his experience to use in the film industry there. He hasn’t looked back since.















Josh Wood - General Manager


Josh was born and raised in Memphis, TN, with a passion for film. To follow his dreams he went to Full Sail University in Orlando and graduated in 2010. Soon after, he moved to New Orleans and immediately fell in love with the city. Eight years later he is happily engaged to a local photographer and working regularly in the industry as a sound mixer. In Josh’s free time he enjoys time with his fiancé and family. His hobbies include reading, writing, watching cartoons and playing tabletop and video games with friends. Josh has been with Sound Hard since before its conception and has gone from being the only employee to being the General Manager. He takes pride in the atmosphere created at Sound Hard and enjoys every visit from locals and non alike. Josh strives to make everyone feel welcome whether they are calling in, picking up/dropping off gear, coming in to learn or just stopping by to hang out. He encourages anyone who wants to learn more about the industry or the audio field, or anyone who wants to find a way to become part of the community to stop in and say hi, shoot over an email or give the shop a call.

 Mike Delashmet - Rental Manager

Mike’s interest in sound began when he was introduced to playing the drums at age 9. From this hobby came the appreciation of music, and with that, a preoccupation with listening. In high school, he joined the tech crew, building sets and running audio for the school’s theatrical events. He enrolled in the Music Industry Studies program at Loyola University New Orleans in 2013, and graduated in the Spring of 2017. He worked as a foley artist, ADR recordist, and assistant effects editor until switching to a focus in production sound, and joining the Sound Hard team in 2018. Since then, he has risen to the almighty throne of Rental Manager, and begun pursuing the craft of field recording, with a focus on evoking a sense of place in the natural world. Mike enjoys walking around in the woods, booming, and eating pizza.












Jonah Carmena - Service Manager
Jonah started with Sound Hard soon after its inception in 2017. A graduate of film studies from the University of New Orleans, he has always brought to his work a passion for perfection and an artful ear.  Jonah’s role at Soundhard is the Service Department Manager, addressing audio equipment repairs and custom audio modifications for local and nationwide audio professionals. In his spare time Jonah provides freelance audio mixing services for documentary, narrative and commercial projects for film and television, he is a local New Orleans film maker, and enjoys photographing natural landscapes and wildlife.
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