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Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate

Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate

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The Ambient Recording ACN-LS Lockit Slate is a modular time clode slate and display. It is a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensated time code generator. The completely revised LED time code display features double the brightness with the use of only four AA batteries.
The slate comprises functionalities including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata and clap time transfer, and logging. These network capabilities also allow the Lockit Slate to be a fully functional, generator buffered time code transceiver. This provides the stability of a Clockit generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts.
In addition, it also offers a variable time code offset to compensate for processing delays of digital cameras. Plugged in into a computer, the Lockit Slate transforms into a highly accurate MIDI time code interface with LTC / MIDI time code conversion and a TC LED display. This way the ACN-LS opens up the possibility to sync for example, multiple cameras with a Pro Tools workstation. The user interface is easy and intuitive to use.
Thanks to the modular construction, the electronic section of the Lockit Slate can also serve as a fully functional, compact standalone display for documentary or desktop use. Housed in a machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body it can easily withstand rough production conditions.
Interchangeable slate bodies allow for customization and allow the user to choose the look which suits him best.