Ambient Recording QP 4140-SCM



QP 4140-SCM Feature-Film Boom Pole

extends up to 17' long, and as such, is suitable for recording audio in the context of film, particularly in

  • multi-cam shots, wide-camera angles
  • complicated lighting scenarios
  • any scene involving complicated interactions between actors and cameras

The boom itself is fashioned out of multi-layer pull-wind carbon tubing with a wall thickness of 1.55 mm, giving you a stiff and well-balanced pole.

This allows you to pivot, swing, and aim a microphone in a controlled manner.

The QP480 includes an internal 3-pin mono XLR straight ultra-thin cable; this cable sports both effective shielding and a polyurethane insulation, thus ensuring a durable, flexible operation—even in temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F).

At the tip of the boom is a stainless steel 3/8" thread for attachment to shockmounts.

Screw locks provide greater security.

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