Ambient Recording TinyMike Miniature Electret Shotgun Microphone Set for Cameras



The TinyMike Miniature Electret Shotgun Microphone Set from Ambient Recording is a microphone set for

ARRI AMIRA cameras and includes a

  • TinyMike microphone
  • a TinyMike cable
  • four cable brackets
  • a microphone suspension
  • a fluffy wind shield
  • a velvet foam wind shield.

The TinyMike microphone is a compact camera-mountable microphone that delivers incredible sound quality while operating on minimal power.

The TinyMike provides a solution to the less-adequate microphones included on high quality, compact video cameras.

The microphone utilizes just 3 volts of power, making it extremely efficient and versatile.

The directional polar pattern minimizes off-axis noise while the compact size is ideal for use on high quality consumer and professional video cameras alike.

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