Audioroot eSMART BH1

Termination: 4-pin Hirose


Single battery holder/holster with DTAP and lead output cable for eSMART lithium battery
  • battery slot with spring loaded locking mechanism for easy single hand removal
  • belt/bag clip which can be mounted on both sides
  • 1 x D-TAP output
  • 1 x lead output 4 conductors smBUS cable
  • Compatible with 4S2P style (long) batteries such as the eSMART Li-96neo and Li-98Wh.
The BH1 is available with different connectors
  • BH1-H : 4 pin Hirose compatible connector (default)
  • BH1-T : 4 pin Switchcraft TA-4 female connector
  • BH1-X : 4 pin Neutrik XLR female connector
Default cable  length is 60cm. Other lengths are available on request.

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