Audioroot eSMART Li-96neo Battery



14.4v 98Wh smart lithium battery with embedded OLED display

This all-new model has a built-in OLED display

  • real-time display of the battery’s state of charge information. 
  • precise information about a battery’s voltage, current draw, run time, etc… when connected to any type of equipment. 
  • useful when connecting the battery to a piece of equipment or DC current distributor which is not SMBUS enabled.

Operation of the embedded OLED display is fully automatic.

When the battery is disconnected the OLED can be activated by shaking the battery allowing to check battery capacity, cycle count and pack temperature.

When powering a device from the battery the OLED display turns on and displays real-time state of charge information.

Once the device is shut down or disconnected from the pack the OLED display shuts off.

When the battery is connected to a fully compatible SMBUS device the OLED will stay to save power and keep the SMBUS lines free.

Main Features

  • High energy density rechargeable li-ion battery
  • SMBUS compatible Impedance Track™ fuel gauge
  • Embedded OLED display
  • Industry standard 5 pin connector


  • Capacity : 6.8Ah
  • Chemistry : Lithium Ion
  • Voltage : 14.4 V
  • Maximum voltage : 16.6V
  • Max Current Discharge : 8A Continuous
  • Weight : 450 g
  • Communications : Fully SMBus Compatible
  • Data System : Conforms to Smart Battery Specification
  • Charging : Audioroot eSMART MONO CHARGER or eSMART DUAL CHARGER charger recommended.
  • Height : 0.9″ / 22.9mm
  • Length : 6.0″ / 152.4mm
  • Width : 3.1″ / 78.7mm
  • Mating Cables : eXLR4-OUT , eHRS4-OUT or eCON-OUT


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