Betso SBOX-2RF Timecode and Word Clock Generator with RF Transmission



From Betso, the SBOX-2RF can cover timecode and word clock applications in a convenient little package. It is great for use in broadcasting, film, and other applications where RF and timecode are needed.

The SBOX-2RF is an extremely accurate, very compact and affordable time code and word clock generator with RF transmission of time code and status information. SBOX-2RF improves time code sync precision of its ancestor and keeps very easy to use "plug and play" operation control along with its 1" large OLED display.

New RF transmission brings wireless continuous jamming of time code with 0 ppm error and clear status information of all connected devices to the network with just one click of button. What we most love on new SBOX-2RF is its very long operational time from a single AA battery.

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