Betso TCX-2 Ultra-compact Timecode Transceiver – Sound Hard
Betso TCX-2 Ultra-compact Timecode Transceiver

Betso TCX-2 Ultra-compact Timecode Transceiver

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The BETSO TCX-2 is ultra compact highly accurate timecode transceiver and generator. It is based on our very easy to use "plug and play" philosophy, which is guaranteed by wide OLED display and easy to replaced single AA battery.

New RF transmission brings wireless continuous jamming of time code with 0 ppm error and clear status information of all connected devices to the network with just one click of button.

Optional firmware upgrade allows jamming, standalone generating, & advanced functions

RF transmission

Our whole new concept of wireless transmission of timecode and status information is ideal for simple on stage workflow control. Each device connected to the network will be continuously jammed from transmitter and on each device you can observe status information of all other devices in the network.

The operating range is up to 500m within the line of sight. The RF protocol incorporates frequency hopping spread spectrum technology approach which ensures robust functionality even in the environment with high RF noise.

All Timecode Formats

The TCX-2 can receive or transmit signal with all existing SMPTE timecode formats. With upgrade to TCX-2+ (can be bought separately) can be jammed and used as a standalone unit with advanced functions.

TCX-2+ Upgrade

Do you want to use just a single TCX-2 with RF transmission turned off? Do you miss simultaneous timecode input and output on BNC connector to enable standalone jamming? Or do you want to have transmitter generating it's own master timecode without the necessity of jamming it from external timecode source and use the transmitter's timecode output?

The TCX-2+ firmware upgrade will unlock all these great features and more.