Bubblebee Industries Big WindBubble

Length: Long Hair


Big WindBubble from Bubblebee is made to prevent interference from wind during recording with microphones. This product is great for on-location recording for film or recording outside in general.

It is available in a long hair or short hair option.


  • Faux Fur Wind Bubble exterior
  • Mesh Lined Interior
  • Elastic Mount Secure Fit
  • Standard Fit for Handheld Microphones

The Big Windbubble provides some of the best wind protection for handheld microphones on the market.

Like the small Windbubbles, the secret to great wind protection is a bubble of nothing inside.

Yes, nothing.

The air enters the bubble for a short visit, finds it rather dull, and quickly leaves again without harming the microphone inside. So instead of the wind hammering on the microphone and making those horrible- “I’m in the middle of a hurricane”- sounds, it passes right through.

The outside consists of carefully chosen black faux-fur that is soft, fluffy and even, and help make sure that you get the best possible results when recording outdoors.

There is a smooth mesh lining underneath the fur and an elastic mount at the bottom, which makes it easy and secure to fit the Big Windbubble on all standard handheld microphones.

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