Bubblebee Industries Piece-A-Fur

Color:: Black


The Bubblebee Industries Piece-A-Fur is a microphone wind cover or windscreen muff that is designed to be applicable to any situation because of its ability to be cut into any appropriate shape.

Simply cut out the Piece-a-Fur in the desired size and shape and use it when mounting a microphone. The fur can come in handy when working with uneven or problematic surfaces that create friction when recording.

The Piece-A-Fur is thick, soft and durable, and will cover the microphone to eliminate wind and other noises. It works very well with Bubblebee's Invisible Lav Tape

The Piece-A-Fur comes in six colors: Black, White, Brown, Grey, Beige, and Off-White.

Measurements: 14.1” x 4.3”.

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