Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 2 Cable

Configuration: Mono


This is an additional cable for the Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 2 In-Ear Monitor. It can be purchased in either mono or stereo.

The 2nd generation of cable for The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor, The Sidekick 2 Cable is made using colour-neutral materials allowing it to blend seamlessly into the background. Featuring a significant reduction in profile from its predecessor, the diameter of the cable is an impressive 44% thinner at only 33μm and weights 50% lighter!But notwithstanding this, the cable remains kevlar-reinforced and highly durable.


DISCRETE: The super low profile of The Sidekick 2 cable is 44% thinner than the cable on the original with a diameter of only 33μm. The new colour neutral cable easily blends in to almost any background without being noticed.

INCREASED COMFORT: The Sidekick 2 stereo cable is more than 50% lighter than it’s predecessor, allowing for a virtually fatigue-free experience.

TOUGH & DURABLE: Using kevlar-reinforced cables, The Sidekick 2 is made to last. The ear tips are easy to clean and the driver's filter is easily replaceable.

UNIVERSAL CONNECTION: TRS minijack connector means compatibility with any wireless receiver, accessory or phone.

MADE IN SCANDINAVIA:Manufactured in Denmark with quality and comfort in mind by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

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