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From Bubblebee, the Windbubbles are minature imitation fur windscreens that are meant to be place on lavalier microphones. A bit like a little pop filter, they are used to protect from wind and vocal plosives during recording. The Windbubbles also have two "legs" on them to help secure the windscreen to the lav mic so it doesn't fall off. This product is a 4 Pack of multicolored Windbubbles. Size specifications are below.

Sound operators or video crews may call the lavalier mic windscreen a wind muff, mini dead cat, or windbubble. 

The Windbubbles multicolored 4 pack protects the lav mic from wind noise giving quality audio recordings.  


  • Each package contains 1 black, 1 grey, 1 brown and 1 white Windbubble. 
  • The Windbubbles are build to stay safe and secure on the microphone, and therefore comes in four different sizes. 
  • The frequency through the Windbubble is very close to the microphones natural sound. 
  • The wind reduction is the best in the industry, thanks to the bubble-effect in the design.
  • The fur is less shiny to blend better with skin, clothes and other surroundings.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Bubblebee Windbubbles consist of an outer shell of the finest imitation fur (we do like them animals) and an inner core of nothing. 
And this nothing is exactly what makes the bubble so special. The air enters the bubble for a short visit, finds it rather dull, and quickly leaves again without harming the microphone inside. 
So instead of the wind hammering on the microphone and making those horrible “I’m in the middle of a hurricane”- sounds, it passes right through.
The Windbubbles are specially constructed to be mounted quickly and easily on the specified types of microphone and to not fall off during use. 
The tiny elastic wire legs make it easy to mount the Windbubbles on the Lavalier microphones.


LAV Size 1; elastic opening: 28 mm (1.10”)
Built for microphones with a diameter of 3,0-4,0 mm:
Sanken COS-11 (without metal windscreen)
Countryman B6, B2D & E6
Sennheiser MKE 1

LAV Size 2; elastic opening: 35 mm (1.38”)

Built for microphones with a diameter of 5,0-8,0 mm:
Sanken COS-11 (with metal windscreen)
Countryman B3
DPA 4060 (without metal windscreen)
Sennheiser MKE 2 

LAV Size 3; elastic opening: 40 mm (1.57”)

Built for microphones with a diameter of 5,0-9,0 mm:
Sanken COS-11 (with metal windscreen)
Countryman EMW
DPA 4060 (without metal windscreen)
Sennheiser MKE 2 (without MZW 2 windshield)

LAV Size 4; elastic opening: 42 mm (1.65”)

Built for microphones with a diameter of 8,0-13,0 mm:
Sanken COS-11 (with large metal windscreen)
Countryman EMW
DPA 4060 (with metal windscreen)
Sennheiser: ME 4, ME 102 & ME 104 (with metal MZW 2 windshield)


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Product warranty: This product is covered by our two-year warranty securing against defects in material, design and workmanship. The full-length warranty is available for download here. 

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