Bubblebee Industries Twin Combo Case – Sound Hard
Bubblebee Industries Twin Combo Case

Bubblebee Industries Twin Combo Case

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Two Windbubbles and Aluminium Case with storage room for

  • two windbubbles storage
  • two mini lav mics storage
  • adapters storage
  • concealers storage
  • cables storage

The Windbubble case is a neat aluminium 'trailer' for storing a full stereo recording kit including two Windbubbles, offering moulded compartments for two miniature lavalier mics, adapters, concealers and cables.

Organize Lav Mic accessories

  • Quick access to all your lav mini mic accessories
  • reduces loss of wind muffs, cables, and adapters
  • prolongs life of lav mini mic and accessories

Bubblebee windbubbles are designed to withstand life on the road, but as with all furry windshields (and miniature mics and accessories), they have the habit of disappearing.

Sound operators find this a must to quick access to mini lav mic accessories.

Video crews can work faster, retrieve wind muffs and accessories quicker with the Twin Combo case for two windbubles, the mini mics and their accessories.

Why not keep your equipment safe with the Bubblebee Twin Road Case?

Open the box and they're ready to spring into action!