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New from Bubblebee, the Lav Concealer Tiny Tape is a package of 120 strips of tape adhesive specifically designed for their line of Lav Concealers.

The Lav Concealer Tiny Tape is perfect for use with all of our tiny Lav Concealers:
  • The Lav Concealer for DPA 6060
  • The Lav Concealer for Sennheiser MKE 1
  • The Lav Concealer for Countryman B6
  • The Lav Concealer for Deity W.Lav Micro
The new tape features a small recessed area in the sticky tab, to prevent the build up of adhesive residue around your mics capsule.
Similar in principle to existing Lav Concealer Tape, the new tiny version includes a handy thumb tab to help you affix the tape to the tiny Lav Concealers. The hypoallergenic tape itself is super sticky, allowing you to mount your tiny Lav Concealer on a number of different surfaces with the confidence that it will stay in place throughout your recording.
The Lav Concealer Tiny Tape is already available in a handy cardboard dispenser box, comprised of 120 pieces of tape.

Available to order now, with shipping beginning Wednesday 26th May 2021.

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