Bubblebee Industries Lav Mic Pouch (Set of 6)



The Bubblebee Lav Mic Pouch is great for keeping Lav Microphones safe and together whether they are in storage or on standby on set.

The Pouch pack contains 3 x small and 3 x large durable transparent ziplock pouches to store and isolate your lavalier microphones before and after use.

There are 2 sizes: the smaller size pouches are perfect for keeping lavalier microphones safe and neatly isolated from handling cables and such. The larger size can fit a full kit of lav mic, radio transmitter and belt if necessary. Handy for passing off and collecting from talent. There is an opaque "Notes" area on each pouch for names, times, dates, productions, listing contents, etc.

Contents: 3 x small and 3 x large Lav Mic Pouches.

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