Comtek ALS-216 The ALS-216 Assistive Listening System



The ALS-216 from Comtek has potential for many applications, but it is made for communication in equestrian training. It comes complete as a set with transmitters receivers and earpieces.

Equestrian Training • Rider-Instructor Audio Link

Experience the advantages of crystal clear sound with the ALS-216 Personal Trainer. Used by top equestrian trainers and riders all over, this system allows trainers to communicate with riders over long distances with perfect speech clarity. Simple to use, the trainer wears the M-216 personal transmitter and lapel microphone, and the rider wears the PR-216 personal receiver and earphone. The rider can be as far away as 300 feet and not miss a single word. What’s more, with additional receivers, multiple riders can monitor the trainer at the same time. Plus, its rugged construction ensures long-lasting durability in even the most demanding environments.

MDR-J10 Left & Right Mono Headphone Set

The headphone set includes a single right and a single left earphone. This allows one ear to be left open to the environment when in use. The added strain-relief provides additional protection for the cord at the base of the earphone plug.



  • M-216 option 1 wireless microphone transmitter with microphone mute switch
  • CM-183 RT lapel microphone
  • WM-183 windscreen
  • PR-216 receiver
  • two MDR-J10 (L/R) mono headphone sets
  • two BC-216 belt clips
  • C-216 carrying case.

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