Countryman E6 S Compact Omni Earset Mic

Flexibility: Classic/ Springy Boom
Color: Light Beige
Sensitivity: General Speaking


Exceptional sound in the most concealable earset yet. A hybrid between a B6 lavalier and an E6 omni directional, the E6s Compact Omni offers an elegant alternative to taping a lavalier to the face or hiding it in the hair. The E6s was developed together with our theater users to allow fast placement at the temple with minimal adjustment. The earpiece conforms to ear and stays firmly in place without tape or hair clip for quick costume changes. The microphone element, positioned just in front of ear, provides high-quality sound in a subminiature package. The microphone is ideally suited for applications requiring a low-profile solution, such as intimate theater settings, broadcast, or presentations, when visibility is more critical than gain before feedback.

Nearly Invisible

The most concealable E6 yet, the E6s places the microphone element just forward of the ear. Available in all of the E6 colors—light beige, tan, cocoa, and black—the E6s blends perfectly against the skin and hides under sideburns.

Incredibly Versatile

Change the look, change the sound, or change the transmitter. Protective caps swap in seconds, adjusting the frequency response and tip color to match other microphones or match skin, costumes, and hair. The E6s comes in three sensitivities for different speaking and singing styles, with up to 140 dB SPL capability. Switch between lowprofile 1mm and Duramax 2mm cable, configured for almost any wireless transmitter and available in four colors.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Frequency response is better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB, with >100 dB dynamic range. Countryman Earsets sound like a world-class, full size performance mics in a handsfree package that gives the performer complete freedom.

Rugged and Reliable

Made of durable stainless steel, the E6s stands up to daily handling, makeup, and sweat. The microphone element is virtually waterproof when used with the supplied protective caps.

Replaceable Cables

With other microphones a worn cable requires purchasing a completely new mic. An E6s cable replaces in seconds without tools. Snap-on miniature 1mm or 2mm super-rugged cables are available for almost any wireless transmitter or phantom mic input.

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