Countryman EMW Omni Classic Lavalier Black

High Frequency Response: Flat


One of the best-sounding headset mics of all time, our Isomax Headset Mic remains the favorite of countless high-profile performing artists.

A world-favorite lavalier, the EMW delivers excellent sound with minimal clothing noise, in a sleek, yet rugged, nearly waterproof design.

That's why the EMW lavalier has long been regarded as one of the best, most affordable workhorse lavaliers on the market, which no audio kit should be without. From news anchors and talk show guests to underwater documentaries and feature films, our EMW is truly in use everywhere you've never noticed!


  • Best mic for hiding under clothing in film, theater and TV production

  • General purpose lavalier for churches, schools, interviews, news

  • Immersability allows use near water or in intense weather


  • Very low rubbing noise.

  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Choice of frequency response. shelved for normal lav use, peaked for use behind clothing or flat for miking instruments.


  • Wide assortment of clips available - tie clip, double clip, magnetic clip, and viper clip.

  • Small, sleek, classic lavalier shape

  • Available in Black, White, Gray, Light Beige, and Cocoa.


  • Kevlar cable.

  • Highly moisture resistant.

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