Dinkum Systems FlexiMount 3013



 Flexible Microphone Mount

This industry workhorse gives musicians and professional audio technicians a quick and simple mic mounting solution.

The perfect device for the fast set-up required by roadies, documentary filmmakers, audio engineers or on-the-go podcasters.

FlexiMount attaches easily to surfaces such as tables, C-stands, lighting grids and drum kits.

Our large custom spring clamp will accommodate a mounting surface up to 2” inches thick, providing a secure base for the durable and length-adjustable 9-link, 12” inch long arm.

The strong and flexible arm does not require tools to lengthen or shorten it: simply pop apart and press back together to get the length you want.

Can be bent into nearly any shape or position and attached to a standard 3/8 -16” microphone shock mount.

The FlexiMount has become an essential item in the kits of audio technicians intent on capturing quality sound on-set and in the field and is also compatible with many RF antenna.

Make your mount do double duty with our range of interchangeable heads and bases, designed to met every on set challenge.

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