DPA d:screet Slim Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone

Mic Sensitivity: 60 - High
Color: Black
Connector: Microdot Adapter


Slim Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone
Amazing sound and complete invisibility.

If you need to couple complete invisibility with amazing sound, the d:screet Slim Series, is exactly what you are looking for.

These mics are perfect for your film assignment or for any other situation where you need a completely hidden microphone. The d:screet Slim Omnidirectional Microphone is flat and short with a cable that runs perpendicular to the sound inlet, ensuring easy mounting and a tiny footprint. When used with the detachable Button-Hole Mount or Concealer, it becomes completely invisible. With sound on par with DPA’s classic d:screet Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones, you can be sure that the d:screet Slim Series will not disappoint.

Key features
  • Pristine audio quality
  • Completely invisible when used with Button-Hole Mount or Concealer
  • Adapts to all pro wireless systems
Flexibility and wireless adaptability 

d:screet Miniature Microphones are the versatile workhorses that adapt to your needs. With eminent sound quality, a large range of accessories, and adapters available for all pro wireless systems, d:screet Miniature Mics are the obvious choice for any application requiring a big sound and a small footprint.

Button-Hole Mount

A unique Button-Hole Mount for the d:screet Slim Omnidirectional Microphone. It mounts on the mic head and has a small side-entry pipe (2 mm diameter). The pipe makes it possible for sound to enter the mic when it is concealed in a button hole. 

The Button-Hole Mount is delivered with the d:screet Slim Series Microphones. It should be mounted on the side of the microphone with the silver dot.

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