DPA UA0897 Shock Mount – Sound Hard
DPA UA0897 Shock Mount

DPA UA0897 Shock Mount

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Microphone Shock Mount

The UA0897 Shock Mount is designed for use in environments where vibration levels are unusually high.

Its ultra-compact, robust design significantly reduces the amount of vibration, that reaches the microphone without having adverse acoustical effects.

This shock mount was designed using modern vibration measuring techniques, using Brüel & Kjęr's world famous vibration test equipment.

Unlike other shock mounts, the vibration reduction is clearly specified.

It can be used stand mounted in the studio, or in hand-held boom applications.

Use extra soft Rubber Mounts for the more lightweight microphones and medium soft for the heavier types.

The UA0897 is supplied as standard with the DDS0731 Rubber Mounts for 19 mm microphones. The UA0897 is fitted with a thread adapter, which allows usage on up to three of the most popular international standard threads used on microphone stands.