Earphone Connection Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphone

Ear Tip Selection: Fin Ultra Ear Tips (Left & Right Medium)


From Earphone Connections, the Hawk M1 features the Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece for unobstructed sound and no tube maintenance. Our model is specified for the Motorola CP200 and CP200D. The new “Easy-Swivel” speaker rotates 180˚ for left or right side.

New “Simple-Release” makes speaker replacements easy and you also have the option to switch between black and clear. The kit is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with patented Fin Ultra™ eartips for all day comfort and a higher level of situational awareness. 

NEW!! Now you have the option of adding a NAB Sound Blocking Earbud for high noise environments (NAB kits include 1 Medium Fin Ultra + 1 NAB Earbud).

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