K-Tek KEG150 Avalon Series Graphite Boompole

Select Cabling Option: Uncabled (3'2" – 12'5")


The K-Tek KEG-150 Avalon Series Graphite Boompole provides a moderately priced, lightweight boompole solution for ENG, EFP and other field recording applications. Its sturdy carbon-fiber design is tough enough to endure the rigors of road use while remaining lightweight and travel worthy. A total of 5 carbon-fiber sections telescope between 3 to 12.6' (93 to 381cm) and will easily store in any standard equipment case. The captive-collett coupling system locks each section in place for even further reliability.Designed to fit in any standard equipment case, for ENG, EFP and DV location production work. Features a unique pole top design with cable retention slots and replaceable stainless steel mounting stud.

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