Lectrosonics DSQD - 4 Channel Digital Receiver

Output Option: DSQD


The Lectrosonics DSQD is a 4 Channel Digital Receiver that aims to give the user the best quality in audio from various sources.

 There is also an AES3 output option for use without Dante®. 




  • Four-channel, half-rack design
  • Continuously tuneable tracking filters covering 470.100 - 614.375 MHz
  • Compatible with DSW, Duet and Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters
  • Built-in wideband antenna multicoupler with loop-thru for additional receivers
  • Antenna bias power enabled from the front panel (fused and over-temperature protected)
  • IR bi-directional port for transmitter setup
  • Analog and Dante® audio outputs with TalkBack (in applicable RX modes)
  • Ethernet and USB interface
  • Offline full-system frequency coordination
  • AES3 option allows for digital audio outputs without the use of Dante ®.

DSQD Front Panel allows:

LCD Panel

  • LCD back lit screen
  • Push button setup
  • High Resolution Display
Headphone Monitor 
  • any individual audio channel or stereo mix.
  • Recessed volume knob on front panel

2 Way IR

  • Bidirectional interface 
  • Push button settings for quick syncing to transmitters 

 USB Port

  • port allows easy interface to software 
  • fast set up time
  • expands system monitoring abilities

LED Indicators

  • Two LEDs indicate power state of antenna

The DSQD Half Rack Receiver with analog and digital Dante® network audio outputs utilizes the Lectrosonics signature digital architecture with remarkable audio quality and ultra-low latency. The AES3 option offers AES3 outputs instead of Dante® network outputs.

The receiver includes an extended operating range rivaling the best analog and Digital Hybrid Wireless® systems with continuously tuneable tracking filters covering 470.100 - 614.375 MHz.

The DSQD Receiver is a four-channel design with a host mainframe that contains the DSP, microprocessor, antenna multicoupler, and control interface.

Antenna ports on the rear panel accept input from remote antennas, with a “loop-thru” output to another mainframe using the internal multicoupler.

A kit is also available to mount antenna inputs (BNC connectors) on the front panel.

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