Lectrosonics DCR822 Portable 2 Channel Digital Receiver

Frequency: DCR822-A1B1 (470-614 mHz)


New from Lectrosonics, the DCR822 is a digital 2 channel receiver offering superior and improved sound quality.
The DCR822 is the true successor to the venerable UCR411a – a dual-channel package in the same size - and represents state-of-the art RF performance with Vector Diversity (an advanced type of True Diversity) and extremely robust front-end architecture, bringing the Highest Level of RF and Audio Performance to Field and Location Production.
Key Features:
  • Vector Diversity; continuous amplitude and phase matching for unparalleled RF performance
  • (2) RF front ends per audio channel (True Diversity)
  • Dual Independent receiver channels
  • 24bit / 48kHz Digital Audio
  • High Third Order Intercept (IP3) Performance of +15dBm (versus typical performance of +5 to +8 dBm)
  • Selectable (2) Analog and (4) AES3 Digital audio outputs on two TA3M connectors
  • Powered by (4) AA batteries or external DC
  • On-board Recording via microSDHC card in .WAV (BWF) file format
  • Compatibility Modes for Digital Transmitters (DHu, DBu, DPr, DCHT, M2T) and Digital Hybrid Wireless Transmitters (SMWB, SSM, SM, LMb, HMa, LT, WM, HHa,)
  • Built-in RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • SmartTune for quick auto frequency selection
  • SmartNRTM for superior noise reduction with high-noise sources
  • Built-in 1kHz audio test tone
  • Machined Aluminum Housing with hard-anodized finish
  • OLED display provides visibility in all lighting conditions
  • AES-256 CTR mode Encryption with 4 different key policies
  • Analog and AES3 digital outputs, menu selectable

The DCR822’s powerful Vector Diversity subsystem constructively combines all the energy available at both antennas, smoothly and continuously combines RF signals from two receiver front ends per channel, with differing phase angles in order to obtain maximum energy and signal-to-noise. Traditional “true diversity” or “ratio diversity” methods use two complete receivers and blend the audio. This works well for FM and Digital Hybrid systems but falls short of the ideal for today’s all-digital modes. The DCR822’s Vector Diversity subsystem deliver clean, artifact-free performance in all modes, and actually able to take two signals compromised by multipath interference and reassemble them into a usable signal. The DCR822 features an all-digital audio path, 24bit/48kHz digital audio, which outputs to (2) analog audio signals or (4) AES3 digital audio signals (when used
with stereo modes). The DCR822 includes AES-256 CTR encryption with 4 types of key policies: only Lectrosonics provides such flexible and powerful encryption. The DCR822 also has on-board recording, in the industry standard .WAV (BWF) file format, allowing recording time of 46 hours with a 32GB microSDHD card.

Supplied Accessories: the DCHR ships with AMJ jointed antennas, CCMINI zippered case, microSD card, and AA batteries.

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