Lectrosonics DRM



*Discontinued, Available while supplies last.*

From Lectrosonics, the DRM is an individual, digital receiver module to be used along side the Lectrosonics DR mainframe. It can be placed in any of the six channels on the mainframe and it has the added feature of being fan-cooled

A completely new digital architecture was developed for the DSW wireless system. Extended operating range rivals the best analog and Digital Hybrid Wireless® systems, with remarkable audio quality and only 2.5 ms of latency. The system operates on standard UHF FCC Part 74 frequencies (TV channel band).

Individual receiver modules are nested on both sides of the mainframe assembly (DR). The modules tune across a 25.6 MHz range and can be positioned in any of the six pockets in the chassis. Delrin retaining clips keep the modules securely in place.

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