Battery Eliminator for all SM series transmitters. Will work with single or dual battery SM units.

Allows external powering of all SM Series transmitters with 6 to 36 volt DC
Fits in place of standard battery door on single and dual battery models
Locking power connector
Protected against shorts and reverse polarity
The SMBATELIM provides regulated 1.8 volts DC up to 1 amp to power all SM Series transmitter models for extended or continuous operation. The assembly is mounted to the transmitter housing in the same manner as the standard battery door. Circuitry is contained in a cylindrical housing in place of an AA battery, with a locking power connector.

The battery eliminator assembly is secured to the transmitter housing with a thumbscrew in the same manner as the standard battery doors.

The panel is notched for use on dual battery models so that a battery cannot be trapped in the unused compartment. An insert for the unused compartment is included to protect against dust and moisture.


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