Lectrosonics ZS-LRHMa L Series Wireless System

Freq: A1 470.1 to 537.575 MHz


The Lectrosonics ZS-LRHMa is a convenient kit containing the L series products LR and HMa, as well as some accessories that compliment these products.

The new L Series units all share a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks, or 67.5 to 76.8 MHz, depending on the specific frequency band, and employ Lectrosonics' patented Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology for compandor-free audio along with compatibility modes for interoperability with older analog systems. Like all our other products, the L Series units are made in the USA and feature machined aluminum housings, user-friendly setup and reliable operation. The ZS-LRHMa kit makes it easy to put these products right to work on the job. Everything you need is here: transmitter, receiver, mounting hardware and connecting cables. Even batteries are included! Check with your Lectrosonics dealer for pricing and availability.


1) LR-XX receiver (Frequency band A1 or B1)
1) Hma-XX transmitter (Frequency band A1 or B1)
1) LRSHOE camera shoe mount for LR Receiver
1) MCSRXLR cable, TA3F to XLRM
1) MCLRTRS cable, TA3F to 1/8" TRS
1) CCMINI zippered pouch

Frequency Ranges Offered:

A1 - blocks 470, 19, 20 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz)
B1 - blocks 21, 22, 23 (537.600 - 614.374 MHz)

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