Neumann KH Three-way monitor series

Model: KH 310 A
Orientation: Left


Neuman's KH Three-Way Monitor Series is a collection of Speakers that are perfect for use in professional studios and home studios. A casual listeners could also use these in a home media set-up. Three-way refers to the amount of drivers in the speakers. In this case they are the woofer (for low frequencies), the tweeter (for high frequencies), and the mid-range (for middle frequencies)

KH 310 A

High-resolution tri-amplified near-field monitor, optimized for midrange and a dry bass sound.

With its specially designed midrange driver, the compact KH 310 is particularly suited for precise work with speech, vocals, guitars and other instruments that have a midrange emphasis. Its closed design enables a very fast transient response. The associated low harmonic distortion guarantees a neutral reference sound to meet the highest standards.

- Quickest transient response of its class
- Tremendous bass capability down to 34 Hz
- Higher precision in the midrange through a specially designed driver
- As a stereo system with KH 750 DSP and optional tools, controllable and alignable to the room

 KH 420

Powerful tri-amplified midfield studio monitor – high-precision dispersion with tremendous sound level reserves.

The KH 420 is designed for a working distance of 1.5 to 3 m (5’ to 9’). It handles this space effortlessly thanks to great power reserves and precisely concentrated dispersion. Even in diverse acoustical environments the KH 420 remains neutral and clear in every detail down to the subtlest nuances. No subtlety is lost; every sound element can be localized.

- Computer-modeled cabinet design using Low Resonance Integral Molding (LRIM™) materials
- Extraordinary bass depth (26 Hz) with high sound pressure (122.4 dB)
- Precise dispersion in the midrange and high frequencies
- As a stereo system with KH 750 DSP and optional tools, controllable and alignable to the room

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