Neumann KM 184 series

Set: Mono Set
Style: Nickel


Neuman's KM 184 is their cardioid mic from the 180 series. For different polar patterns check out the KM 183 and the KM 185. The mic is known for having a clean, uncolored sound in a versatile package. It is used in every situation from professional studio to live shows to foley for film.

The KM 184 is a state-of-the-art small diaphragm condenser microphone with a uniform, frequency-independent cardioid polar pattern. Its very natural, transparent sound with very low self-noise and high SPL capability have made the KM 184 a worldwide stage and studio standard for many applications ranging from classical piano to heavy metal drums. 

- Uniform cardioid pattern without off-axis coloration
- Linear frequency response with a slight treble lift
- Very low self-noise (13 dB-A)
- Low impedance output for long cable runs without transmission losses
- Transformerless circuitry
- Compact size, visually unobtrusive

All mic packages come with a wind screen and a mic clip for each microphone.

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