Neumann KMR 82 i Long Shotgun Microphone

Style: Nickel


Neumann's KMR 82 i is a longer Shotgun Microphone as compared to their KMR 81 i. This super-cardioid microphone can pick up directional audio from longer distances and is perfect for any broadcast or film setting.

The KMR 82 i is a shotgun microphone for longer distances, e.g. in ENG and stage applications. With an acceptance angle of 45° and minimal off-axis coloration the KMR 82 i can be used to record individual instruments in an orchestra without problems. The KMR 82 i offers high sensitivity with low power consumption and is lightweight for easy handling.

This devices comes with the microphone, a windscreen, and a case.

- Very high directivity with 45° recording angle
- Excellent rejection of unwanted sound
- Natural sound without off-axis coloration
- Low cut and treble response switches
- Lightweight (250 g)
- Low power consumption

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