Orca OR-280 Audio Bag for Mix Pre 6/10



The new OR-280 Orca audio mixer bag was designed to fit the Pre -Mix series mixers (and similar size mixers) including the Mix-Pre 10 with the MX-L battery mount.

The bag comes with a large front pocket to store accessories, two handles, a padded shoulder strap & internal sponges. The OR-280 can be accessed from all directions, which helps the operator to arrange and access the equipment inside easily.

The bag’s top is made from transparent material for maximum visibility and to protect the gear from the environment. The OR-280 features an internal honeycomb frame, protecting your gear while inside the bag.

Other Features
 - Unique battery pocket with rubber straps.
 - Front Hook and Loops straps to hold boom pole or cables.
 - Compatible with the Orca Harness to ease the load off user.
 - Interior lining made from bright blue brushed polyester for easy viewing of               equipment.
 - Built-in hooks straps can be used to secure the mixer in place
 - Orca Lifts for mixer height fitness.

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