Orca OR-330 Premium Audio Bag for 833, 888, Zaxcom NOVA



Orca's OR-330 is a Premium Audio Mixer Bag built with functionality, convenience, and protection in mind. It can be split into multiple bags and will allow sound professionals tackle any task with ease.

The Orca OR-330 Audio Mixer Bag is thoughtfully designed with an external aluminium frame and internal honeycomb frame for ultimate gear protection and 6-direction equipment access. OR-330 fits Zaxcom Nova, Sound Devices 833, 888, & 633 or similarly sized mixers. It can also be connected to an ORCA harness (OR-444, OR-40) to ease user's load.


  • Unique battery pocket with extra space
  • Detachable front pocket for up to 6 wireless receivers
  • 2 detachable external pouches and 3 internal rubber bands to hold wireless receivers
  • 2 detachable carrying handles and padded shoulder strap
  • 2 extra padded sponges to position wireless receivers inside the bag
  • Orca “lifts” that can be used to adjust mixer height within the bag
  • Transparent TPU top cover for easy equipment viewing

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