Phonak Roger Earpiece – Sound Hard
Phonak Roger Earpiece

Phonak Roger Earpiece

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The state-of-the-art Roger Earpiece is a wireless receiver, which is positioned in the ear canal. Although it’s not visible from the outside, it delivers unmatched sound quality and intelligibility, when every syllable of information transferred is key.

Ā� Micro size Earpiece: 18 mm length
Ā� Ear specific form factor Ā�
Light weight: 1.3 g (incl. battery)
Ā� Max output level: 100 dB SPL
Ā� Unlimited number of Earpieces can be connected in one network Ā�
Battery Life: > 12 h (size 10 battery)
Easy handling and cleaning Ā�
License free 2.4 GHz transmission Ā�
Bandwidth: 100ā€“7200 Hz Ā� Out-of-range beep

MultiTalker Network
Ā� Compatible with Roger BaseStation and Roger Touchscreen Mic)



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