PSC Bell & Light Wireless RF Remote Control



The FBL2RFRC RF Remote Control Module by PSC allows the operator to not only remotely control the system without a cabled remote, but to also allow the system to operate in semi-automatic mode. Use of this RF Remote Control is very simple. When the director yells 'Roll Camera' you simply push the red 'ROLL' button. The PSC Bell & Light System will then generate a long (two second) blast of the bells and turn on the red flashing lights. This will alert everyone in and around the set to be quiet as filming has begun. Once the director yells 'Cut!', just press the green 'CUT' button. The system will then generate two, one-second-long blasts of the bell indicating that filming has stopped. At the same time, it will turn off the red flashing lights and turn on the steady-state, soothing green lights to let everyone in and around the set know they are free to move about and make noise.

PSC FBL2RFRC RF Remote Control Module - Features:

  • Installs in PSC 4th generation Bell & Light Power Supply
  • Eliminates cabled remote controls
  • Semi automates Bell & Light System operation by generating bell sequences automatically
  • Operates up to 1000 feet (310 meters)
  • 433 MHz operation—legal for use in the USA, Canada and the E.U.

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