Remote Audio BLSAT4 Bell Satellite Station 4" Bell



Unique triangular design is stronger, allows large coverage with just two lights and allows more to be stored in a smaller space. Input connection from base station (4-pin XLR-M) Link connection to additional bell and light stations (4-pin XLR-F) Mute switch for when bell is not needed (light still functions when muted) Two threaded mounting holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16). 15 selectable flashing patterns (Factory configuration: 1-second, alternating) Available in two bell sizes for your choice of loudness: 4-inch (for small to medium size stages, doorways, or close to set) Size: H: 4.6″ W: 7.2″ D: 5.7″ Weight: 2.0Lbs 6-inch (for larger areas) Size: H: 5.0″ W: 7.2″ D: 6.6″ Weight: 2.5Lbs

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