Remote Audio Hi-Q CH2 battery dual bay charger/ calibrator for Hi-Q batteries



When you’re in the trenches with 40 pounds of equipment around your neck, and the president is taking his time getting out of Air Force One, what you’ll be most happy about is that the Hi-Q batteries are small and light-weight, and they last a long time.

In fact, at 98 Watt-hours, the full size Hi-Q has 30-percent more capacity than a lithium NP-1, while being smaller and lighter.

All of this makes the Hi-Q batteries a great companion to Remote Audio’s famous BDS system, and cables for connecting them, like the BDSHQIN, are already available.

Our Hi-Q batteries use the Inspired Energy standard contact configuration, so they are interchangeable with products made for this standard, such as the Cantar X3 and Sonosax SX-R4+ recorders.

We expect other equipment manufacturers to soon follow.

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