Remote Audio Lav Snake

Please Select Adaptor: 3.5mm Adaptor for Senn. or Sony $19.99


When attaching microphones to talent, the Lav Snake by Remote Audio is a tool to easily move the microphone through the bends in clothing. It is used in broadcast TV, newsrooms, interviews, houses of worship, and more. It features a thin, nearly unbreakable wire with a highly visible low profile red tip that slips through clothing to hide the mic cable. The opposite end has a TA connector with a specially designed boot and features a smooth curved surface to prevent unwanted snags. You route it down then out. Once the tip is visible, pull the Lav Snake with the mic wire attached through the clothing, disconnect the microphone, and you're done. The Lav snake's sleek design makes it a good tool to move through the most constricted spaces. A carry pouch is included.

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