RF Venue RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition Spectrum Analyzer



The RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition Spectrum Analyzer from RF Venue is used for monitoring the frequency spectrum of wireless microphones and IEM systems facilitated by RF systems. The software used along side the unit creates a detailed frequency representation.

RF Explorer® Pro Audio Edition is an all-new portable RF spectrum analyzer designed specifically for use with wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems. With a 50 ohm BNC input connector designed to interface directly with wireless audio systems and accessories such as remote antennas, antenna distribution systems, or RF over fiber modules, the Pro Audio Edition spectrum analyzer is the ideal tool to troubleshoot, optimize, and commission your next wireless system. Available exclusively through RF Venue dealers and distributors, the RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition is the perfect addition to any audio pro's toolkit.

Compatible with RF Venue's Vantage Mac OSX software as well as multiple PC applications, the Pro Audio Edition comes packed with a range of new features including:

- 15-2700 MHz scanning range

- Configurable Low Noise Amplifier

- Save / Load Presets for fast setup and recall

- Configurable Input Attenuator

- One-Click WiFi Analyzer mode to observe 2.4 GHz activity by channel

- 16 hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery

- -120 dB Sensitivity and auto-configurable resolution bandwidth (RBW)


The RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition’s easy-to use interface takes the complexity out of RF spectrum analysis for audio, empowering audio engineers and wireless audio system managers to better monitor, manage, and configure their systems in today's ever-changing RF spectrum landscape.

Carrying case, UHF band articulating whip antenna, and shielded USB cable included 

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