RF Venue RF Spotlight Antenna System 470-698 Frequency Range (B-Stock)

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 RF Venue RF Spotlight Antenna System

470-698 Frequency Range

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The Spotlight Antenna from RF Venue is made to improve wireless signal range tremendously. It is great for crowded spaces and can be hidden if desired due to its thin design.

The RF Spotlight antenna is a low profile floor pad antenna that enables wireless mics to function reliably in the most crowded RF environments. Perfect on stages, in hotel breakout rooms, at conventions, or church sanctuaries, the RF Spotlight is effective where multiple wireless systems must inter-operate across facilities and open channels are limited. Its elliptically polarized element is molded into a durable 7mm thin PVC disc with a 10’ 50 lb tensile strength rated cabled connector lead. Operating range is determined by several factors including transmitter power, coaxial cable type and length, and nearby obstructions. Typical range at 10 mW is a diameter of 100’ and several hundred feet at 30 mW. It can be placed under wood stages, offstage, under a carpet, or wherever convenient to limit foot traffic and maximize signal-to-noise ratio.

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