RFvenue RF Spotlight Close Range Antenna System for UHF Wireless 216 MHz



RF Spotlight

Improves Comtek range tremendously and if you are using Phonak Earwigs it will help with range of those as well.

Ā• Designed for nearfield, limited area use of UHF wireless

Ā• 19" diameter, 1/4" thick tough PVC floor pad antenna

Ā• Perfect for conference rooms, lecture spaces, tradeshow exhibit areas, other close range wireless applications

Ā• Increased reception of desired signals, decreased reception of unwanted signals outside range

Ā• Connects with existing UHF wireless systems via simple coaxial cable, can be hidden under carpeting, podiums, staging if desired.

Ā• Operation range dependent on transmit power, typically < 100 Ft for 10 mW systems

The RF Spotlight is an innovative, patent pending UHF antenna design that excels in applications where wireless microphones will be used in a limited area. With one or more RF Spotlight units in the area of use, the user can create a local RF field- similar in effect to a soft spotlight in a dark theater. By intentionally designing the unit for reduced signal sensitivity yet a uniform, omnidirectional pickup pattern, the RF Spotlight can be within very close range of the transmitting handheld microphone or bodypack at all times. This proximity of transmitter and receiving antenna is critical to maintaining a high quality signal without introducing other sources of interference picked up by high gain, high angle remote antennas. Multiple units can be combined to cover even larger areas!

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